Folding Table

Folding tables are, as one might imagine from their name, tables that fold to occupy less space in closets, garages, or any other storage location. There are a variety of different types used for an even greater variety of purposes. While there are many different types, this article will instruct readers on how to build a simple, square folding card table.

Things You Need

  • 1 piece of plywood cut 4ft on each side
  • 2 strips of wood each 3ft, 11in long, ½ inch thick
  • 2 strips of wood each 3ft, 10.5 in long, ½ inch thick
  • 4 square pieces of wood cut an inch on each side, about 3 ½ ft long (or however tall you want your table to be, but not longer than 3ft, 10in.)
  • 4 folding brackets
  • Handful of wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Optional: sandpaper, paint or varnish

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Once you’ve accumulated all the necessary pieces, it’s time to get started building!

Steps to Build It

Step 1: The first step is to look at the main square of plywood and determine which side you want to be the top, and vise versa. Ideally, the side with the fewest blemishes is usually optimal. Once you’ve determined that, lay the top side down so the bottom is facing up.

Step 2: Next, measure a half an inch in from each edge of the table, and draw a square line around the whole thing. The lines signify where the 4 ½ thick strips of wood will be attached.

Step 3: Lay the two strips cut to 3ft, 11” opposite each other along the guiding lines, then do the same with the other two strips. It should form an even square. You will be attaching them with screws inserted through the top surface of the table, measure an inch in at each corner of the top and leave an indicator mark.

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Step 4: Use the screwdriver to drive in the screws at the marks you made on the top surface, and hold down the appropriate strip so it attaches to the screw. Continue and drive screws in at the ends of each strip. Once the strips are firmly secured, drive in two or three more screws evenly spaced down the length of each.

Step 5: Now it’s time to attach the folding brackets. Place the first bracket in a corner facing either way you prefer, and screw it in. Then, place the second bracket so its side is facing the first one, and screw it in. Continue with the third and fourth in the same fashion.

Step 6: It’s now time for the final step of attaching the legs. Fold the brackets out, and screw the four square pieces of wood into each one. The legs should fold down into the underside of the table nicely.

Lastly, you may smooth the edges with the sandpaper and add a coat of paint or varnish, if you so desire. And with that, you have a folding card table!